Mark Elliot

Mark Elliott

Chairman and Founder

Chairman and Founder of the National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers up

I spent 25 years in the British Army, with the Grenadier Guards. I left in 2001 to help start up an Insurance Company dedicated to help those Servicemen and Women and their families. I live near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

I managed to get my first Labrador whilst serving in South Armagh, Northern Ireland and took my twelve week old puppy to a dog handler and asked him to train it. I was very
quickly told in no uncertain terms that it was not the dog that needed training it was me! That’s when it all started! Now on my second Labrador, called Botham (yes, after the

Two seasons ago whilst on the Beating line at my local shoot a group of us were discussing the lack of help for Beaters/Pickers up and how hard it was for potential
newcomers to get into the shooting world .

By complete coincidence I met a chap called David Babington and together with some others we started our own shoot at Burbage, Wiltshire (Wolfhall Farm Shooting Syndicate) and having built the shoot, we found that getting Beaters and Pickers up was a nightmare. This experience just re enforced the need for the National Organisation of
Beaters/Pickers up. I very much hope that over the coming years we will be able to help Gamekeepers get Beaters/Pickers up and perhaps more importantly, in this political climate, get more people involved in our hobby.

Please spread the word and get involved in a fascinating and worthwhile hobby, meet great people, and learn about our great countryside.



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