Martyn Pitt

My name is Martyn , aka decoyboy! A lot of you will know me from the NOBs forum and some of you will know me personally.

I live and work in Newport , South Wales where I was born, grew up and have stayed. It isn't the greatest city to live, but we are on the edge of some breath taking countryside and award winning beaches are not to far away .
I started shooting, as many of us did, in my youth. It was an uncle of mine to whom I will for ever be in debt, as it was he who introduced me to air rifles and the countryside. What with shooting and fishing my summer holidays were never boring, and never this wet!

These days I am a member of a pest control club, a fly fisherman, a beater on a shoot in Brecon , a NOBs regional officer, as well as a family man with a very understanding partner. I love the countryside and I love getting other people involved in this great way of life which is part of the reason I have become a member of the NOBs team. Finding people beating and picking up in South Wales is going to be an important part of my job, one of which I am very excited about.

Another part of the job is to organise NOBs events and training days for our Welsh members. I am also hoping to raise the profile of NOBs by attending local game and country fairs .

I am here to help and pushing NOBs forward is my main aim. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


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