GPS Sprayers LTD

25 Years experience of supplying sprayers for all your needs.

Importers of Gloria and IK sprayers for agriculture and industrial use, knapsack and compression sprayers. From the wealth of experience gained in over twenty years involvement with portable sprayers, we know there is really no such thing as a 'universal' industrial sprayer. This is why at GPS, we offer such a wide variety of models for individual applications. Supposedly spray able liquids' come in many different forms, but efficient application is often only possible with perhaps a particular spray nozzle. We usually have at least sixty different spray nozzle types and sizes on the shelf and regularly test customers products to achieve optimum sprayer performance. Once spraying characteristics have been established, we can adapt a sprayer for convenience in use with alternative delivery hoses, trigger control valves, spray lances etc. and install seal materials for maximum chemical resistance and durability.

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